Northshore Clinic (3)

Northshore Clinic Reception

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our latest commercial project for the Northshore Clinic!

Our team has meticulously crafted and installed bespoke cabinetry for their reception area, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The design process was a collaborative effort, ensuring every detail aligned with Northshore Clinic’s vision for both them and their patients.

Key Features:

  • Code Compliance: Adherence to all relevant New Zealand building codes and standards for commercial spaces, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.
  • High-Quality Materials: Selected for durability and a premium finish.
  • Optimal Functionality: Thoughtfully planned storage solutions to maximize space efficiency.
  • Elegant Aesthetics: A modern yet warm look to create a comforting environment for patients and staff.

Check out the photos below to see the transformation!

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