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We are one of Auckland’s leading bespoke kitchen manufacturers and designers. Our skilled team of designers can handle any project, whether renovating your interior or installing a brand-new kitchen. Our service portfolio includes the creation of custom cabinets for all your home or business interiors. Witnessing a transformation has an element of magic. It’s inspiring to see what a truly talented designer can create, and it makes you wonder what you could do to update your own house. Our friendly design experts can offer advice on natural wood kitchen design concepts. All of our solid wood kitchens are perfectly tailored in size and style to meet the demands of our customers. Depending on your desire, numerous paint colours are available for each wooden kitchen. Besides bespoke kitchens, we design, manufacture, and install laundry rooms, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities. Let us create your vision by getting in touch with us today.

Bespoke Solid Wood Kitchen

Solid Wood Kitchens

In New Zealand, natural wood is famous for kitchen design. Natural timbers make a statement unlike any other when paired with contemporary appliances and a simple design.

Custom Made Kitchen

MDF Kitchens

Do you love a modern look? Then the modern kitchen ideas that appeal to you will be those with simplicity, clean lines, and the ``less is more`` ethos.

From apartment construction and single-terraced family buildings to hospitality and retail projects, Jerry Kitchens can help with various commercial projects. We have developed highly skilled installers, manufacturers, and stone fabricators, which has helped us become one of New Zealand’s most reputable stone and cabinet design firms. We are capable of designing, producing, and installing large-scale interior cabinets. We can create commercial interiors that cater to the unique needs of our clients thanks to our excellent communication skills and friendly customer service. We collaborate with interior designers, architects, renovators, builders, and developers to expertly and meticulously translate their complicated designs into reality. Project management complexities are something we are familiar with. We have created a unique process for commercial clients to accommodate any project timetable. We’ll go above and beyond your expectations.

Custom Benchtop

Custom Benchtops

It's crucial to get the best kitchen, bathroom, and laundry benchtops, whether you're renovating or building a new house. Therefore, we'll ensure that you obtain the appropriate benchtops for your residence.

Commercial Fitout

Commercial Projects

We have completed many kitchen projects, including office kitchen fit-outs, hospitality and retail projects, 5-unit terraced townhouses, 100+ unit multi-level apartment buildings, and more.

A high-quality custom kitchen is incomparable. One of the many skills on our team of kitchen experts is custom cabinetry design. We manage the entire process of realizing your vision, from manufacturing sink storage and bathroom cabinets to building custom bookcases. We use the most cutting-edge materials and finishes to realize your preferred style in every detail, whether opulent, assertive, or modern. Part of our featured materials is the benchtop. Benchtops play a significant decorative and functional role in the design of your rooms. We provide a wide selection of engineered and sintered stones from reputable manufacturers. Before professionally installing it in your home, we will template and fabricate your benchtop based on your designs and requirements. Our objective is to give you a high-quality benchtop at a reasonable cost. Keep up to date and Follow us on our Social Media accounts.