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2023 NKBA Excellence in Design Award!

September 8th, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that our hard work and creativity have been recognized with the prestigious honor as NKBA Silver Kitchen Designer in 2023!

We are proud of our team’s dedication and innovation in crafting these stunning kitchen spaces. Each project is a unique masterpiece, and this award is a testament to the passion and expertise that goes into every detail.

Take a look at these breathtaking photos showcasing our silver designer’ kitchen. We couldn’t have achieved this without our amazing clients, talented team, and the unwavering support of our friends and followers.

Stay tuned for the release of the NZKBA magazine to catch our feature in the upcoming October NZ Kitchen & Bathrooms Quarterly 30.3 issue! This editorial is a testament to showcasing our accomplishments, expertise, dedication, and innovative ideas.

Order kitchen, free sink!

November 11th, 2021

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Order your new kitchen with Jerry Kitchen and get a FREE stainless steel sink. Stock is running out fast! From Nov 11th, 2021 to Jan 10th 2022!


New Traditional Style Butlery Sink Will Coming Soon

December 17th ,2021

Good news, our new arriving  butler sinks will be here on coming April.

The Butler sink was originally designed to be used by Butlers, with those made and used in Belfast having a weir overflow built in because fresh water was readily available in Belfast in the late 1700s so it didn’t matter if a little was wasted down the overflow.

However, the Butler sinks designed for use in London did not have overflows because the water was very precious in London at this time and had to be drawn from deep wells, so not having an overflow was a way to prevent water being wasted.

Traditionally these are the differences but nowadays all types of Butler sink will probably have overflows and there is also the less chunky styled French farmhouse sink which can be referred to as a butler sink.

These deep, square shaped, usually white butler sinks are set into the kitchen bench so the front is exposed. Not only does their design make them attractive and homely, their size makes them extraordinarily practical when it comes to kitchen chores ranging from washing vegetables to scrubbing the largest pots or grill trays.

bulter sink in navy blue kitchen
butler sink

Classic Is The New Modern

April 30th ,2022

An exquisite, handcrafted fireclay butler sink has landed at Jerry’s Kitchen. A finished product that will withstand the test of time and provide years of trouble-free use. These sinks can be used in all high-quality bespoke kitchens because of their flawless tapered sides and “true” structure. Our Butler Sinks serves a modern look that offers the most volume and has thin, minimalistic walls. It is constructed of pure white porcelain material and is very simple to maintain.

Include the Butler Sink Protector with your purchase, as this ingenious part prevents heavy pots, pans, and hard cutlery from making contact with your kitchen sink’s surface. It has a waste cut-out and protective rubber feet that allow you to leave your sink protector in your kitchen sink even when you’re not washing dishes, helping preserve the gorgeous finish of your pure white porcelain sink and avoid minor scratches.

Another essential piece of equipment you’ll need with this set is the Sink Basket Waste. This basket-shaped strainer prevents food from going down the drain and clogging the pipes. The basket, made of premium stainless steel, is simple to clean; lift it out and empty it into the trash. Despite being made to fit Jerry’s Kitchen sinks, this product can be used with most other standard-sized sinks. Before making a purchase, please check and download our specification sheet to ensure it fits in your sink. Butler Sink