Kitchen Mixer 04-7360-149S


* Product: Kitchen Mixer
* Finish: Chrome
* Model: 04-7360-149S
* Product height: 370mm
* Height from base to aerator: 250mm

Please instruct us the finish you would like after purchase.

This product must be installed by a qualified plumber.
Not suitable for use with gravity-fed systems.
To ensure optimum performance and customer satisfaction please adhere to the following:
Flush out all pipe work prior to installation.
Installation should comply with relevant local authority requirements
-Maximum hot water temperature 75C
-Recommended minimum working pressure 150kPa.
-Recommended maximum working pressure 500kPa.
If water pressure exceeds or is likely to exceed 500kPa, an approved pressure limiting valve must be fitted.
If the water temperature exceeds 75C, an approved tempering valve must be fitted.

*Please contact the seller for the delivery cost
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