H6327 Cement Grey


Step into a realm where contemporary design meets industrial chic, as we’ve artfully recreated the raw and tactile essence of cement in a surface that defies expectations.

Our Cement Grey sintered stone captures the urban landscape’s rugged charm and transforms it into a refined masterpiece for your space. It’s a tribute to the city’s dynamic energy and resilience, reimagined to harmonize with your interiors. Every touch exudes the sensation of concrete’s intriguing texture, while its versatile appeal adapts effortlessly to a spectrum of design styles. Experience the modern marvel of our bespoke sintered stone, the Urban Cement replica.

With Cement Grey, your space becomes a canvas for creativity. This sintered stone unites the urban grit with the sophistication you demand, delivering a surface that’s as robust as it is captivating. Elevate your environment with the epitome of urban elegance – a sintered stone that mirrors the heart of the city’s aesthetic. Redefine modern living with Cement Grey, where industrial inspiration meets timeless beauty.

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