White on White White Shaker

Urban White Shaker Style Kitchen

Does winter need to be cold? Add a bit of cosiness to your humble abode, use our true white on white colour palette.

White interior design ideas for the are kitchen plentiful, and a white kitchen, contrary to popular misconception, does not have to be stark and cold.

Quick Tip: With this true white on white colour scheme, you can introduce pops of colour into the room through the use of colourful vases and bowls. The stark colour palette will really make these pops of colour shine. Stainless steel appliances can also be used to subtly break up the white on white colour of the room.
A beautiful and welcoming white on white kitchen can be warmed instantly by adding a few key elements to the kitchen to serve as focal points in the room. For example, focus on one or two elements of your kitchen. You might wish to choose a warm, butcher block counter for your counter tops, and pendant lights added to your kitchen can quickly become the star of the show.

I would like to congratulate our client on completion of their first home project, and very much appreciate the opportunity in choosing Jerry’s to help them add a bit of personal touch to their new home.

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  • 20mm THK Doors and Drawer Panels- Solid Wood;
    12mm THK Side Panels-Plywood;
    18mm THK Back Panels-Plywood;
    16mm THK Shelves-Plywood;
    Soft-closed Hinges and Drawer Runners; DTC

    For Structural Purposes, other materials such as MDF Boards may be required.