Solid Wood Vanity 1800mm


ALL INCLUDED!!! (NO Tap and Basin) 50% OFF

* VANITY TOP(Engineer stone) 10 YEARS

*Please contact the seller for the delivery cost
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  • * Vanities, SOLID WOOD draws and front panels, plywood for back panel: please refer to pictures (Basins are not included)(Only one available as per picture)
    * Engineered stone bench top include pre-cuts for basin and tap

    Depth: Cabinet 530mm, Stone: 570mm
    Total height: 850mm
    Width: Cabinet 1840mm, Stone: 1880mm

    Colors available:
    VC-AWK (Antique White)
    VC-MD (Mapple Dark/Expresso)
    VC-RG (Raised Grey)
    VC-RW (Raised White)
    VC-MG (Maple Grey)
    VC-WS (White Shaker)
    VC-Morning Grey
    VC-Half grey friars



    Mapple Dark | Maple Grey | White Shaker | Raised White | Antique White | Raised Green

    Half grey friars | Morning Grey |


    VT-GB (Glaxia White)
    VT-BP (Pure White)
    VT-SB (Stella White)
    VT-DG (Grey)
    VT-GN (Glaxia Black)

    *Five vanity top colors for you to choose from